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Managing Your Health

You are the most important member of your healthcare team. Working with your Primary Care physician you have the power to achieve and maintain your highest level of health. We strive to help you maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We are your advocate, but  you are in charge of your health.

We have put together the following lists of written and online resources to help you take control of your health and wellness and enable you to maximize your health. While these resources will serve to supplement your care, remember to communicate regularly with your physician about any concerns or changes in your health. And please remember to keep us informed of testing or procedures done by other healthcare providers.

Hunterdon Healthcare resources:
Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management
Hunterdon Health and Wellness Centers
Center for Advanced Weight Loss

Asthma Action Plan
Pediatric / Adolescent Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire

Diabetes Management
Choose My Plate
Daily Diabetes Management Diary
Diabetes Management – Monitoring Blood Pressure
Diabetes Management – Patient Action Plan
Diabetes Management – Patient Action Plan – Spanish
Diabetes Management – Eye Fax Back Form
Diabetes Management – Monitoring Blood Sugar
Smoking and Diabetes Management
Your Feet and Diabetes

COPD Action Plan

Heart Failure
Heart Failure Action Plan – Spanish
Heart Failure Action Plan
Daily Weight Log

High Cholesterol
Cholesterol Goals Activity Sheet – Spanish
Cholesterol Goals Activity Sheet

High Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Tracker
Hypertension Action Plan

Men’s Health
“What to be screened for” Checklist for Men’s Health
“What to be screened for” Checklist for Men’s Health - Spanish
Healthy Living Tips for Men
Healthy Living Tips for Men – Spanish
Your Heart Health for Men
Your Heart Health for Men – Spanish
AUA Prostate Screening Guidelines
ACS Prostate Informed Decision Making

Body Mass Index
Body Mass Index – Spanish
Choose My Plate
Are You A Healthy Weight?
Obesity in Children – Spanish
Obesity in Children
What is Obesity? – Spanish
What is Obesity?
Daily Weight Log

Senior Health
Heart Health for Seniors
Heart Health for Seniors -- Spanish
Managing My Health for Seniors
Managing My Health for Seniors – Spanish

Tobacco Cessation
Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Tobacco Cessation Resources Quit Resources
Smoking and Diabetes
Plan to Quit Cards
What to Expect When you Quit Smoking?

Adult Vaccines
Adult Vaccines – Spanish
Flu Sheet
Pneumococcal Sheet
Vaccines -- Adolescents
Vaccines – Adolescents -- Spanish
Vaccines – Children
Vaccines – Children -- Spanish
Vaccines – Wellness for Women

Women’s Health
Women’s Health Checklist

Other self-management resources:

Note: When you click on the following resources you will leave the Hunterdon Healthcare System website and be redirected to an outside site. The certified tobacco treatment specialist and other individuals portrayed on the outside sites are not employees of Hunterdon Healthcare. Hunterdon Healthcare does not endorse any particular products advertised on the websites visited.

Merck “Journey for Control” site for diabetes care
Merck “Engage” site for general health information
Pfizer “Rethink your Quit” interactive tobacco cessation site
American Heart Association
American Diabetes Association

HMC Human Resources