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A central component of the patient centered medical home is called care coordination. We have specially trained staff members who can assist you on your healing journey through the health care system. Hunterdon Healthcare believes that patients are at the center of care.  Your care team at your primary care provider’s office assists you with all of your healthcare needs.

We can ensure effective communication so that you and your family can easily and effectively make transitions between all providers of care such as Hunterdon Medical Center, specialists, community programs, home care services or subacute, assisted living and other health facilities.

Your Care Team at Hunterdon Healthcare:

  • Helps patients choose specialists and obtain medical tests when necessary.  The team informs the specialists of any necessary accommodations for the patient’s needs.
  • Helps the patient access other needed providers or health services in the community. 
  • Tracks referrals and test results, shares information with patients and ensures that patients receive appropriate follow up care and help understanding results and treatment recommendations.
  • Assists with smooth transitions by assisting patients and families as the patient moves from one health care setting to another.
  • Has systems in place that help prevent errors when multiple clinicians, hospitals or other providers are caring for the same patient; such as processes for checking patient medication lists and sharing medical records.
  • Has systems in place to help patients with health insurance eligibility, coverage and appeals or to refer patients to sources that can be of assistance. 1

Patients play an active role in care coordination. As they communicate with their care team on an ongoing basis, ensuring effective transitions in care. You are the key member of your team.

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1 Source:  Core Values, Community Connections: Care Coordination in the Medical Home. Report by Health2Resources and The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative, October 2011. Accessed via